Welcome to Willowbrook Kennels
We are located in Sunny Northern California

Willowbrook Kennels is family owned and operated. We are dedicated to raising our animals in a loving, family atmosphere. Our dogs are all
members of our family. We are committed to their health, happiness and well being

We strive to create happiness and joy with our beautiful, healthy, quality dogs.
We are excited about our amazing dogs and our unique environment.

We raise our dogs to be well adjusted, healthy, lifelong companions.

We are Committed to our Puppies for Life

We will be there with advice and support for all sorts of situations. We are here to answer questions, provide resources, and assist with any
problem. And we are willing to take back any dog we have placed, at any point in its life, for any reason. We have a commitment to all of our dogs
and the puppies we bring into the world for their whole lives.

Ensuring each dog's quality of life is our main concern, from the moment they are born, to the day the dog dies - ideally of old age, after a long,
happy, fulfilling life.

We are very proud of the dogs we have bred and will continue to give advice, support and help to everyone who has a Willowbrook dog.
AKC Registered Australian Cattle Dogs
AKC Registered Maltese
Willowbrook Kennels

Keep an eye on this site for updates and we hope to see you at the shows.

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